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Creative Pathways promotes a safe, relaxing environment to assist you on your journey.

Upcoming Groups

Journey Through Grief Workshop

We invite you to become a part of our Grief Support Group, where we provide a safe space for those experiencing loss to heal and grow. Our sessions cover a range of topics, from 'Getting Unstuck' and 'Grief During the Holidays' to 'Recognized Pain Agents' and 'Disordered Families.' We also address 'PTSD Dynamics' and guide you on the 'Journey to Acceptance.' Join us on this path towards healing.

Finding My Authentic Self- Women’s Group

Women give and give of themselves until they are depleted. We sometimes find ourselves in a desert place asking or thinking, “Who am I,” or “I’ve lost myself,” and finally, “Where do I fit in?” This Women’s Group is purpose-driven and will focus on; Healing, Skill Building, Co-dependency, Creativity, Accountability, and Vision.

Recovery Group for Women

This group provides support and guidance for individuals dealing with partner betrayal trauma, navigating relationships recovering from sexual addiction, and understanding the complexities of narcissism.

Codependency RecoveryWorkshop

This group is a safe space for individuals working to overcome codependency, setting healthy boundaries, fostering healthy relationships, and gaining independence and self-empowerment.

Caregiver Support Group

This group offers a caring and empathetic environment for caregivers to share experiences, find solace, and gain valuable insights while tending to the needs of their loved ones.

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