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Women’s Group Retreats

Group Retreats are structured to focus on personal and spiritual growth, as well as 12 Step Recovery Journeys and career goal setting.  Be transformed by building connections and lifelong bonds with your circle of trust!

Retreats are totally customizable by theme, topics, activities and interests.

Call today for pricing to tailor a unique gathering with options to make your time with friends and family an amazing adventure!  Let’s GO deeper together!

My Authentic Life
Teen Girl Group

This Teen Process Group is designed to educate Teen Girls ages 13 yrs old to 17 yrs old about their growth, esteem and development. This weekly meetings allows processing of difficult life stages and provides helpful feedback and therapeutic insight. Creative activities and fun exercises are incorporated in this positive learning environment.

Marriage enhancement

Do you or your spouse need a few new tricks to tackle old, recurring issues? Then, this is the group for you! What do you want for your marriage? More love? More connection? Peacefulness? Change the way you communicate by understanding the many ways Men and Women are different…NOT wrong, just different. You are not alone. Gain understanding, increase knowledge, resolve conflict and old pain. Open to Marriage and Pre-Marriage. $20.00 – 6-7:45pm weekly.

Finding my authentic self- women’s group

Women give and give of themselves until they are depleted. We sometimes find ourselves in a desert place asking or thinking, “Who am I,” or “I’ve lost myself,” and finally, “Where do I fit in?” This Women’s Group is purpose-driven and will focus on; Healing, Skill Building, Co-dependency, Creativity, Accountability, and Vision. $20.00 per Workshop.


Once a month on Saturday morning, we offer a workshop. The cost is $25.00 per person and included light refreshments. 9:00am-10:30am. 1st Friday or 2nd Saturday. Call to Register.


  • Clinicial Networking
  • Anger Management
  • Setting Healthy Boundaries
  • Healthy Esteem Training

SSWAG: Strategic Son’s with achievable goals

SSWAG is a Young Men’s Life Training Workshop & Group that helps to center them on Strategies for Success and Life Goals. The workshop designed to educate Teen Boys 13-17 yrs about their growth, esteem and development. The monthly workshop allows processing of difficult life issues and provides helpful feedback and therapeutic insight. Each month will offer Guest Male Role Models in the community that will share their Career and Life Success Story. Creative activities and Life Skills are incorporated in this positive learning environment.

Parenting the digital age

You are not alone. Come find out what your Teens could be up to and what they could be feeling. Change the way you communicate and understand the many ways you can improve your relationship and home environment!
Sunday 2-4pm $20.00/week

Creative Pathways promotes a safe, relaxing environment to assist you on your journey.

Establish the goals and positive changes you want in life!

Start your journey today by taking time for yourself to discover a new path of life!