Training and Consulting









Mrs. White offers Consultation and Professional/Staff Development services for civic groups, small businesses, corporate offices, schools, churches, and doctors’ offices. Each program is customized to meet the needs of your organization.

With a Bachelor Degree in Business Management, Organizational Behavior is a Specialty.

We design our programs and training to enhance the productivity and well-being of your employees.

Corporate Training

  • Creating a Team
  • Maintaining the Playing Field
  • Winning in Business

Training is tailored to fit any Business need.

Creative Pathways Counseling
would love to Partner with you.

  • Medical Offices
  • Churches
  • School Counselors
  • College Advisers
  • Child Care Staff
  • Senior Care Facilities
  • Civic Groups
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Community Leaders

We enjoy working collaboratively with other local industries that can benefit from business networking.

We love referring to your Business!

Community Connections

  • Alzheimer’s Association – Chair, Advisory Committee
  • Church For All Nations – Family Ministry Center, Biblical Counseling
  • Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance- Board Member, Strategic Planning Team
  • Heart To Heart Counseling Center – Wednesday Night Group Facilitator
  • Open Bible Medical Clinic – Biblical Counseling
  • ORY Women – Event Assistant/Volunteer

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